In response to feedback from the initial phase of beta testing we have just gone live with extensive new public search functionality on the PRFilter platform.


Anyone can now search for relevant releases from the whole stream or use our Advanced option to limit the results to releases that relate to certain industries.

The results can be further filtered by time period or where they originated from geographically.

At the moment PRFilter aggregates ten key paid wire and press release distribution services and press releases direct from over 60 individual technology and media companies and we are adding more sources as we speak. Together these sources output approximately 15,000 press releases each week.

Results are ranked based on a combination of relevance to the terms searched for and the extent to which PRFilter matched a particular release to the profiles in its database. So the more people PRFilter thinks a release would be relevant to the higher it will be ranked.

The search function is still in beta and so please bear in mind that you may find that some of the functionality of a Google for instance isn’t there yet. But please do suggest features you would like to see as we are keen to develop the application further. We just want to make sure we are developing it in ways that suit you the user.

Most Relevant Stories

Public users can also view our Most Relevant Stories categories to find releases that PRFilter thinks are the most likely to be of interest to someone with that focus.

Like the search results these are again ranked through a combination of match in terms of content to that particular area of interest and also the number of individual profiles the release was matched to.

Personalised filtering

All the personalised filtering functionality is still there for anyone with an account. If you would like a personal profile that automatically filters the releases based on your own published articles, or one of our standard interest categories, then please register here.

We hope you find the new features useful and would love to know what you think.